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Albany: Multiple buildings were damaged due to storm

On Thursday 20st of June, a catastrophic storm struck Albany’s Warehouse District around 5:30 p.m. local time. A four-storey 100 years old brick building partially collapsed. After the damage, the bu...

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A 5.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Kashmar, Iran: Casualties and damage to historical sites

On Tuesday, June 18th, a 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook Kashmar in Razavi Khorasan province, northeastern Iran. According to scientists, the epicenter of the quake was approximately 5km from Moghan,...

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New study claims that surface hazards, e.g. landslides, can cause earthquakes

A new study conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) argues that landslides can trigger earthquakes if they eventually block lakes. This finding is cruci...

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Ingenious design and ongoing stability efforts

The Tower of Pisa, since its completion in 1372, has continually leaned. However, due to intentional design decision the risk of toppling has been reduced. The constructors ingeniously shaped it like...

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Spider Excavators: Revolutionizing Power Line Maintenance and Modernization

In an era where so much relies on the health of our national power gird, power line maintenance and modernization are paramount. Historically reliant on manual labor and heavy machinery, this sector...

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The Soil Nail Launcher™: An Advanced Soil Nailing Technology

Originally developed by the British military to launch chemical weapons, the Soil Nail Launcher™ is a compressed air cannon that can accelerate a 1.5 inch (38mm) diameter, 20 foot (6.5m) long steel o...

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Historic Bridge Abutment Repair

Historic bridges are common in many regions of North America, and local and national governments strive to preserve them for centuries to come. As the years take their toll, these bridges require mai...

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Streamline Post-Tension Design Projects with RAM Concept

Bentley Systems’ STAAD and RAM products have been long-time industry leaders in structural design and analysis software solutions. Bentley’s RAM Concept is the ultimate structural designer’s solution...

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Calf Robe Bridge Abutment

The Calf Robe Bridge in Calgary, Alberta, situated along the vital corridor of Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail), faced a critical challenge during the upgrade of the adjacent Wastewater Treatment Plant (W...

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Concrete Buildings as Rechargeable Batteries

The energy that comes from the wind and the sun as a renewable source has become a growing necessity. As a result, new ideas about rechargeable batteries have gained ground to capture these intermitt...

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Calculation of the second moments of area

The problem: Determine the second moments of area, Ixx and Iyy, for the sections indicated in Figures 2a to 2e. Tip: It is given that the total height and the area of the 457 x 152 x 52 UB...

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Calculation of the cross-sectional area and the position of centroid

The problem: Determine the cross-sectional area and the position of the centroid for the sections shown in Figures 1a to 1e. Please consider that the origin of the coordinate system is located...

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Overhanging beam: shear force and bending moment calculation

Calculate the shear force and bending moment values due to the imposed loading on the overhanging beam of Figure 1.  Figure 1: The overhanging beam considered. The free-body-diagram is shown in F...

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Time History Analysis: process and advantages

In the field of structural engineering and design, the examination of dynamic loads is significant and cannot be underestimated. Time history analysis stands out as a crucial approach to studying...

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Bending stress in a beam element

Given: A simply supported beam of length L=5m is given in Figure 1a. The beam is subjected to uniform distributed load equal to 3.2kN/m. If the beam has a rectangular cross-section, as shown in...

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Method of sections

Please determine the forces in the members BC, GC and GF of the pin-jointed plane truss shown in Figure 1 using the method of sections. Given: Figure 1: The pin-jointed plane truss considered. So...

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Truss deflection using the unit load method

Given: A pin-jointed truss is given in Figure 1. Determine the vertical displacement of joint E using the unit load method. All the members have cross-sectional area of 250mm and same modulus...


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Structural Engineering Solved Problems

Structural Engineering Solved Problems contains 100 practice problems representing a broad range of topics on the Structural Engineering (SE) and Civil PE exams. Each problem provides an opportunity t...

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Structural Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam, Fourth Edition

The Structural Depth Reference Manual prepares you for the structural depth section of the Civil PE exam. It provides a concise, yet comprehensive review of the structural depth section exam topics an...

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Structural Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam

Structural Depth Practice Exams contains two 40-problem, multiple-choice exams consistent with the NCEES Civil PE structural depth exam's format and specifications. Like the actual exam, the problems...