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Timber structure built by pre-sapiens carpenters was discovered by researchers

The world's oldest known timber structure was excavated at Kalambo Falls in Zambia. Archaeologists found this structure, which was constructed by humans prior to the emergence of Homo sapiens as a di...

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Croatia requires a workforce of 30,000 people to meet its 2030 energy efficiency targets in the building sector

According to the Croatia Green Building Council, Croatia will require approximately 30,000 employees per year in order to achieve its 2030 energy efficiency goals in the building sector. More specifi...

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GeoStabilization International Boosts Productivity, Efficiency and Safety In Railway Repair

EIN Presswire Sep 28, 2023, 1:03 PM ET Enhancements to the RailJET Subgrade Stabilization System minimize repair and maintenance downtime, keeping trains on schedule. COMMERCE CITY, COLORADO, UNITED...

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World’s largest 3D printed campus is constructed in India

As reported by in India, Lieutenant General Rajeev Chaudhry, the Director General of Border Roads, recently inspected the construction of the Himank Air Dispatch Unit, slated to beco...

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Montreal building collapse: One fatality, two injuries

A building partly collapsed in Montreal North on Saturday. Five individuals were inside the building at the time of the incident while one fatality and two injuries were confirmed. Authorities said t...

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Structural Engineering Finalists in the 2023 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure

The annual awards program honors the extraordinary work of Bentley software users advancing infrastructure design, construction, and operations throughout the world. Twelve independent jury panels, r...

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Keller announces recent leadership changes in North America

Curtis Cook has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chris Banks has been promoted to Senior Vice President.  Curtis Cook has been promoted to Executive Vice President for Keller’s South Ce...

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ADINA provides advanced material models

ADINA offers advanced material models in response to the need for advanced polymers in challenging engineering applications. To verify the results, both advanced material models and robust finite ele...

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Modeling the buckling behavior of bridge braces: the example of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

The California Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program was initiated by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The Program aims to assess the vulnerability of major toll bridges in Cali...

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Using sophisticated material models in ADINA software

Sophisticated material models and reliable finite element solvers are necessary when using advanced polymers in challenging engineering applications. Viscoelastic effects, that involve time-dependent...

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Concrete Buildings as Rechargeable Batteries

The energy that comes from the wind and the sun as a renewable source has become a growing necessity. As a result, new ideas about rechargeable batteries have gained ground to capture these intermitt...

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Method of sections

Please determine the forces in the members BC, GC and GF of the pin-jointed plane truss shown in Figure 1 using the method of sections. Given: Figure 1: The pin-jointed plane truss considered. So...

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Truss deflection using the unit load method

Given: A pin-jointed truss is given in Figure 1. Determine the vertical displacement of joint E using the unit load method. All the members have cross-sectional area of 250mm and same modulus...

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Nominal flexural strength of a reinforced concrete beam

Compute the nominal flexural strength Mn of the reinforced concrete rectangular section of Figure 1.   Given: fc′ = 5000 psi, fy = 50,000 psi, b = 15 in., d = 22.5 in. and As= 4-#9 bars. F...

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Types of bridges

Arch Bridge An arch bridge is a type of bridge that uses a curved, semi-circular structure, known as an arch, to span an obstacle. The function of an arch bridge involves transmitting the force...

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Bridge bearings

A bridge bearing is a structural device that helps transmit the load from the superstructure, e.g. the bridge deck, to the substructure, e.g. the piers or abutments. Bearings in bridges are designe...

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Messina earthquake (1908): a civil engineering landmark

The 1908 Messina earthquake, also known as the Great Reggio earthquake, is considered as one of the deadliest natural disasters in Europe and also a landmark for civil engineers. This powerful sei...

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An engineering point of view for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse

Introduction An iconic civil structure is a bridge. The desire for humans to go from place to place without becoming wet goes back as far as recorded history. Yet for so long, there was just o...


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Structural Engineering Solved Problems

Structural Engineering Solved Problems contains 100 practice problems representing a broad range of topics on the Structural Engineering (SE) and Civil PE exams. Each problem provides an opportunity t...

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Structural Depth Reference Manual for the Civil PE Exam, Fourth Edition

The Structural Depth Reference Manual prepares you for the structural depth section of the Civil PE exam. It provides a concise, yet comprehensive review of the structural depth section exam topics an...

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Structural Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam

Structural Depth Practice Exams contains two 40-problem, multiple-choice exams consistent with the NCEES Civil PE structural depth exam's format and specifications. Like the actual exam, the problems...